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Post-Arts Awards Reflection

I was honored when I was asked to be the accompanist for the 26th Theatre Harrisburg arts awards. I was even more honored and excited (and nervous ) when I found out that I would be accompanying for Eliseo Roman who, among other roles, appeared as Piragua Guy in “In The Heights” on Broadway! (It was a surprise to the audience and honorees, so I couldn't post about it until after the event.) It was a pleasure to not only perform with him, but also get to spend time chatting with him about several things including his friendship with Lin-Manuel Miranda!

There were so many amazing acts tonight, and it was wonderful to spend time celebrating the arts, which are clearly alive and well in Harrisburg! Such a great day. Grateful for this opportunity!

Mitchell Sensenig, Pianist (left) and Eliseo Roman, Singer (right) after performing at the 26th TH Arts Awards

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