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Theatre Reviews:

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Next to Normal

Theatre Harrisburg, 2024

"The orchestra, consisting of Mitchell Sensenig-Wilshire (Conductor/Piano). . .sets the tone for the performance. These talented musicians keep the momentum building and never miss a beat as they tackle a difficult score."

"The entire cast, orchestra, and production team of Next to Normal at Theatre Harrisburg thoroughly deserve the standing ovation they received opening night. They tackle the tough themes in the show with compassion and heart."

- Andrea Stephenson, Broadway World


"Theatre Harrisburg’s “Next to Normal” packs a punch you won’t soon forget"


"The entire score is relentlessly driven with angry, anthem rock songs that teenaged Gina would have cranked the volume to 10 on her fabric speakers, just after slamming her door shut and calling her mother an expletive. As the more refined (more, ahem, mature?) Gina, I now just tap my foot politely, with perhaps a minor chair dance wiggle if I forget myself. The uber-talented musicians produce such robust orchestration for a six-piece band, that I would have guessed they had 12, at least. They jammed with such high energy from opener to finale.

- Gina Napoli, The Burg



The Secret Garden

Theatre Harrisburg, 2022

"Music Director Mitchell Sensenig brings out the best in the talented cast, who seem to effortlessly find their own voices in each other’s harmonic ranges. The singers perform with brilliant passion, all adding to the haunting melodies they create. With rich songs resonating from the depths of sorrow, each vocalist hits echoing notes of loneliness that prickle on the skin."

- Gina Napoli, The Burg


"Directed by Winnona Piazza and Music Director Mitchell Sensenig, this production of The Secret Garden is, in a word, gorgeous. . .The vocal performances in this production are incredible. Their diction is excellent and the intricate harmonies are precise and well-balanced. Every song is performed not only with technical vocal skill but also with emotion that gives the audience chills."

- Andrea Stephenson, Broadway World


Choral Comments:


Susquehanna Young Women's Chorale

November 2023

"Mitchell --

I have just viewed your excellent video. Bravo! The singing was wonderful throughout. And I particularly liked the quick tempo that you took for the refrain sections. It was very full of life, perfect!


Please relay my congratulations to your chorus (and keep some for yourself and your pianist!).


I am attaching a PDF of my SSAA works, although I know that you have been to my website already...Of course, I Thank You God is a BIG song, but I think that your strong singers can handle it. Best wishes to you and your chorus."

- Dr. Gwyneth Walker, Composer (Now I Become Myself)

"Your women sound fantastic!  Great tone production, intonation, blend, and expression!  Bravo to you, Mitchell!"

-Dr. Peggy Dettwiler, Director of Choral Activities at Mansfield University

"Wow - Outstanding! Such incredible balance and blend. Intonation was perfect. Really well done!"

- Mr. Stephen Goss, Director of Bands at Ephrata High School

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