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The 2018 Theatre Harrisburg Arts Awards are almost here!

The cast of the 2018 Theatre Harrisburg Arts Awards has been hard at work preparing for Sunday's gala. This photo was taken at our first dance rehearsal only about a week and a half ago. It's amazing how quickly the cast learned all of the material! Here's a glimpse of how quickly things came together:

May 2nd was the first vocal rehearsal. It was followed by only one more vocal rehearsal before the first choreography rehearsal on May 19th. Just four more rehearsals brought everything together, and we are now gearing up for a final dress rehearsal and performance on Sunday, June 3!

Things have progressed very well, and we are excited to present our selections to honor the award recipients. It has been a privilege to work with these talented cast members, pit musicians, and artistic team!

Artistic Director: Mark Lingenfelter

Music Director: Diane Scott

Accompanist: Mitchell Sensenig


Wendy Faust

Marisa Keener

Aubrey Krepps

Sam Krepps

Marc Lubbers

Becky Mease

Brandon Rubinic

Angela Ruediger

Jonneke Van Olden

Andrew Vinton

Pit Orchestra:

Piano/Conductor: Mitchell Sensenig

Percussion: Kathy Lubbers

Bass Guitar: Caleb Liddick

Flute: Lori Elliott

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